Sports Cars

A sports car is a type of automobile designed primarily for performance driving.

While opinions may differ as to what the exact definition of a true sports car is, most sports cars are recognised as having rear-wheel drive, have two seats and two doors and are designed to provide excellent handling, acceleration, and good looks. A sports car can be described as a car whose dominant design consideration is driving performance.

A sports car's main emphasis is on performance by superior road holding, braking, maneuverability, low weight and high power rather than on comfort, passenger space, and economy. The exotic car market is the ultra high end of this spectrum.

Sports cars can be luxurious or spartan, but driving performance is key. The Sports Car driving enthusiast will regard brand name and the subsequent racing reputation and history of companies such as (Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, etc.) as an important indication of sporting quality, but brands such as Lamborghini which do not race or build cars exclusively for racing are also highly regarded for their beauty and power.

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